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What you want to see is a man of chivalry?

Physical beauty? Or Traditional beauty?

Welcome to the Fan Club site of ‘Girls Mad about Traditional Festivals!’ We would love to tell you all about the autumn festivals in Banshu (Harima) region which are filled with passion and unique to us.

Every October almost every week there are gorgeous and exhilarating festivals in the south west of Hyogo prefecture. Autumn festivals by the local shrine parishioners are our way to thank for the year’s harvest and to pray for a rich and successful harvest the following year.

These festivals are our inheritance and dearly cherished by everyone and we want to share them with you! If you are visiting Banshu, it would be such a shame if you missed these unique awe-inspiring events and this website was created to share our passion with the world !

This site is designed to help you navigate where and when to visit Banshu’s festivals so that you will also become Mad Traditional Festival lovers !

Although we aren’t professional historians so cannot explain the origins in detail we will share everything we know with you in a hopefully simple and easy way.

The members of the 'Himeji Banshu Autumn Festival Fan Club' vary from locals to visitors from other regions who also enjoy celebrating traditional festivals.

If you think our love of the Banshu region and its traditional festivals is too much and that we are biased– tell us quietly, but we think you will secretly agree with us !!

If you are lucky enough to have the chance to visit the Banshu region during autumn harvest time, come and join our celebrations. We would love you to share our local traditions, welcoming culture where all fun loving souls meet.

* This site will update its information every year [2021]

* Please follow the guidance by locals when you visit the autumn festivals.

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