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 In Banshu starting in October, there are gorgeous and exhilarating festivals virtually every week.
Unfortunately few tourists are even aware of their existence...

It's true that the Fall Festivals are for the local shrine parishioners, but still... What a terrible waste it is to miss these awe-inspiring cultural events!

That's why we're offering up this guide to local Banshu festivals.

We're also beginners when it comes to festivals, so we don't know much about their details.

 But on this site, we'll introduce you to some of the things we didn't know, and we'll try to do it in a friendly and easy-to-understand way. Please come and see our Banshu festivals for yourself and experience the rich and deep culture they have to offer.
(But remember these are religious festivals, so please show respect for the local people!)

* This site will update its information about new and different festivals, so stay tuned!

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